Projection in office

Subtitles in Russian. Creating module video projection in office. Live paintings on wall. Using interior 3d mapping software POGUMAX Designer

Dream hotel. Video projection in a hotel

You are on a business trip, arrived in the city. Perhaps tired or have not had much sleep on the plane, come to the hotel, open the door and you find yourself not in a standard room, but in a real fairy tale with growing flowers on the walls, birds, butterflies. Or in the universe with billions of stars and planets … IIt is better to do video projection in a hotel room with short-throw projectors, because not every room allows to set projector on 6-8 meters from the wall to create image size 4×2.5 m. Short-projectors are closer: 2-4 meters. The projection may interact with the interior. Hundreds of animations in POGUMAX Designer program will change automatically.

Profits for establishments

For cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, banquet rooms and other establishments.
Projection interior design is:
– Clients’ vivid impressions; advertisement through social networks and word-of-mouth.
– Unique feature which marks you out of the competitors. Your establishment attracts new customers.
– Opportunity to earn by offering a projection show to people celebrating wedding or birthday.
– Additional eye-catching advertising area for menu items, special offers and event announcements.
– Unusual idea for decorating premises’ interior.

Projection in a restaurant/poolroom

Beautiful and extraordinary design of walls in a restaurant or a poolroom based on video projections.
Projectors create images of open space, falling snow, floating hearts, seascapes, flying butterflies, blooming flowers, soap bubbles, and other animations.
Beauty and novelty of video projection attract and amaze the clients.

3d mapping on wedding cake and dress

More shots with projection on the wedding dress and cake.

Wedding dress 3d mapping projection

Software POGUMAX Designer allows to limit projection area. You could create 3d mapping projection on wedding dress. Hundreds of animations could be displayed on it. All animations are included in POGUMAX Designer. You also could insert your own video and images.

Projection on a cafe’s wall

The video shows how to decorate a cafe’s wall with video projection.
Projection adapts to interior with the help of POGUMAX Designer Software. Dropping slices of pizza push off from the pictures hanging on the wall. Then, falling snow accumulates on the pictures.
Other animations also can “sense” location of furniture and decor elements.
Walls reflect the images of hearts, fruits, butterflies, snowfall, fire, aquarium with swimming fish, equalizers, dropping balls, abstractions and other video effects.

Set of VJ-effects

POGUMAX Designer Software includes set of VJ-effects.
These footages can be used in projections at nightclubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other places.
The video shows short previews of VJ-footages. Actual videos are 10-30 seconds in average and can be seamlessly looped.
Besides these footages, POGUMAX Designer effects base contains hundreds of other wonderful animations.

Cat and projection

Amusing video of a cat reacting to video projection: chasing the dropping balls, floating snowflakes and moving mouse cursor.
This, for sure, was the most spectacular and the hardest to perceive experience of his cat life.

To create projection interior design you need:
– customary video projector
– computer
POGUMAX Designer Software
Price of POGUMAX Designer: $700. More about prices
Delivery. To any point of the world in 24 hours. More about delivery
User-friendly. Simple process of installation. More about installation