Projection in multi sensory room

Vivid emotions of children in multi sensory room with projection on ceiling and walls

Love story with projection

There are different types of projection in the video: projection on a cake, projection on wedding dress, projection on columns and wall. Using POGUMAX Designer software for projection interior design you could easy make such projections.

Banquet hall projection

3 projectors + PC + POGUMAX Designer software.

Magic kindergarten

Innovation in the sensory room and a kindergarten. The technology can be used for the training and development of children, addition of games, relaxation (sensory room). Projection design transforms the room into a magic place.

Christmas magic

How to decorate the premises for Christmas? If you want to create a genuine magic fairytale, then using projection interior design is a great idea.
You can settle Christmas corporate event, party at kindergarten, school, or camp. This idea also goes very well with creating Christmas mood at restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bars, hotels, and other public places.
Christmas fireworks, decorated trees, lightning sparklers, and Santa Claus will appear right at your premises. Snowflakes will whirl on the walls, charming all the guests.

Halloween projection

How to decorate a room for Halloween? Use projection interior design for that purpose. Ghosts, Jack-o’-lantern (lighting pumpkins), fire, bats, skeletons will appear on walls, ceiling, blinds.

POGUMAX video presentation

Our company elaborated POGUMAX Designer Software which allows creating projector interior design in minutes.
A customary video projector connected to computer is used. Interior items are considered by projection. Any pictures, videos or text can be put into projection. Current version includes 600+ animations.
It is possible to purchase the program and install projection interior design anywhere in the world. We offer you free assistance in choosing an appropriate projector and adjusting the program.

Modular video projection

Features of modular video projection:
– A brighter image, since projection area is usually smaller than that for the whole wall projection.
– Can be used at premises with more lightning.
– Less expensive. At small premises, instead of short throw projectors it’s possible to use regular long throw projector.
In this video, 2500 lm projector, laptop, POGUMAX Designer software and photo frames with white sheets of paper are used.

Projection in a domestic interior

This is a brilliant idea for creating the most unusual bedroom. Projection interior design helps to maintain a certain atmosphere in the room.
The video was shot in January 2014. Since then, list of available animations has increased tenfold.
Such an interesting solution was highly regarded by many interior designers.
Same projection can be held in a hotel room. It will surprise the guests who are sure to appreciate such welcome.

To create projection interior design you need:
– customary video projector
– computer
POGUMAX Designer Software
Price of POGUMAX Designer: $700. More about prices
Delivery. To any point of the world in 24 hours. More about delivery
User-friendly. Simple process of installation. More about installation