Choosing and connecting projector. Projection size. Lightning options


We offer free assistance in choosing a suitable projector which you can buy anywhere in the world.
We also provide consultations on technical details before purchasing or in using the projector.

PC (laptop) technical demands


About 75% of our clients own computers which satisfy POGUMAX Designer technical requirements. Other 25% buy a new PC or laptop.
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Components required (usually are installed on default)
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
– Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012
Using 1 projector, laptop:
CPU Core i3, RAM 2Gb, video adapter NVIDIA GeForce 710M.
Using 2 projectors, PC:
CPU Core i5, RAM 4Gb, video adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT630 (video adapter AMD Radeon R9 for creating panoramic projection).
Using 3 projectors, PC:
CPU Core i5, RAM 4Gb, video adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT740 (video adapter AMD Radeon R9 for creating panoramic projection).

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Projection size and projector placement


The maximum size of projection depends on projector’s luminous flux (measured in lumens, denoted ANSI lm), extraneous lightning, and the surface it is being reflected on.
Maximum sizes of projection in dim external lightning:
3000 lm projector: 4х3 m.
4000 lm projector: 4,6х3,5 m.
5000 lm projector: 5,2х3,9 m.
6000 lm projector: 5,7х4,3 m.
8000 lm projector: 6,5х4,9 m.
10000 lm projector: 7,3х5,5 m.
15000 lm projector: 8,9х6,7 m.
Maximum sizes of projection without external lightning:
3000 lm projector: 8х6 m.
4000 lm projector: 9,2х7 m.
5000 lm projector: 10,4х7,8 m.
6000 lm projector: 11,4х8,6 m.
8000 lm projector: 13х9,8 m.
10000 lm projector: 14,6х11 m.
15000 lm projector: 17,8х13,4 m.
Maximum sizes of projection in daylight:
3000 lm projector: 2х1,5 m.
4000 lm projector: 2,3х1,7 m.
5000 lm projector: 2,6х2 m.
6000 lm projector: 2,8х2,1 m.
8000 lm projector: 3,2х2,4 m.
10000 lm projector: 3,6х2,7 m.
15000 lm projector: 4,4х3,3 m.


Placement. Usually, projectors are fastened on the ceiling with a ceiling bracket. Placement on a wall or a pillar is also possible. At special events, projector may be placed on a table, a cupboard, a tripod, or a desk. The distance between the wall and projector (with 4 m wide projection) can vary from 1.5 to 9 m depending on projector’s model.

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Проекция в номере отеля. Отель мечты

Lightning and surface


External lightning affects the image contrast. With lower external lightning, the image has more contrast and brightness.
In the daytime it is recommended to close the curtains, in the evening – to dim the light. Then projection is clearly visible over a sufficiently large area.
In bright external light, projection area should be reduced. However, it is more convenient to choose projector with appropriate luminous flux beforehand.
Surface should be matted (not reflecting the light).The most suitable colors are: white, beige, light-blue, soft tints.
If the surface is too bright, dark, or glossy, it is possible to:
– use more powerful projector
– reduce projection surface
– create modular projection, within the photo frames.


Connecting the projector


Projector is connected to PC/laptop just as an ordinary screen.
VGA and HDMI cables are used to transmit the image.
If cables cannot be laid, it is suggested to use special Wi-Fi adapters for projectors which can transmit streaming video of the right quality.
Learn more about projector installation

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How to choose a projector


While choosing a projector for projection interior design, following parameters should be considered:
– projection ratio, or throw ratio
– luminous flux
– service life of projector lamp.
Projection ratio (throw ratio)
This refers to the ratio of the distance to the screen (throw) to the screen width.
Not to be confused with contrast where possible ratio is 3000:1.
Regular projectors with throw ratio from 1.3:1 to 2.1:1 should be placed at a distance of between 5.5 and 9 m in order to create an image of 4 m width. Premises do not always allow to place projector this far.
Short throw projector with 0.5:1-0.75:1 ratio provides such image at a distance of 2-3 m. The closer projector is placed to an image, the less likely passing people or other objects may cast a shadow over an image.
Ultra short throw projectors have approximately 0.35:1 throw ratio. For these projectors, demanding distance is the smallest: to create 4 m width image, it should be 1.5 m.
Luminous flux power (ANSI lm)
For creating projection interior design in appropriate light conditions (in the evening with low light, or in the daylight with closed curtains), luminous flux of 250-300 lm per square meter is enough. Projector with luminous flux power of 3000 lm can cover 10-12 square meters.
In the premises without external light, required luminous flux is 50 lm per square meter. Therefore, same projector can cover 50-60 square meters.
The image’s brightness increases with more luminous flux power and less projection area.
Projector lamp
Over time, the lamp’s brightness slowly lowers, and by the end of service life it is 60-50% of initial level. After that the lamp should be changed with the new one. In order to prolong service life of the lamp, projector may be used in economical mode – with this, service life is 1.5 times longer.
Predominantly, service life of 3000 lm projector lamps is from 3000 to 6000 hours: with everyday 8 hour usage, it is 1-2 years.
Certain projectors with LED or Laser-LED lamp provide 10000-20000 hours service life.






Displaying image through several projectors


There are threepossible modes of operation while using several projects.
Duplication. By means of video splitters the image is duplicated to several projectors.
Independent images. Several projectors connect to one computer. Each of them projects an independent image, as if several computers were used. Images can be projected with different settings of areas and content.
Single panoramic projection. Several projectors connect to one computer. A single desktop with panoramic definition (e.g. 3072×768) is created by using special video adapter.
POGUMAX Designer launches the image to the wide screen composed of those projectors put together. To simplify the process of combining the image on several projectors, external software may be used.
Cost of POGUMAX Designer depends on amount of projectors used, irrespective of the mode.

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Проекция аквариума на стены