POGUMAX Designer


For creating projection interior design or interior 3D-mapping.


Software is installed to PC/laptop connected to projector.

Price: $700.

Customizable interaction with interior


In the process of adjustment user defines pictures, furniture, arches, windows, doors, and other elements of decor on the wall which shall be considered by projection. Some of the effects can enter into “physical interaction” with those assigned objects, like hearts falling and pushing off from obstacles, or snowflakes accumulating on picture frames.
Posters and paintings can be highlighted locally. Certain photos or videos can be projected into frames. It is possible to create modular projection — image is reflected only within appointed areas.


655 animations included


The base now includes 655 effects. It is being updated with new effects approximately every two months.
Abstractions, visualizations, equalizers, VJ-effects, effects based on particle system. Nature, landscapes, seaside, mountains, forests, canyons, animals, underwater world, flowers, snow, fire, water, ice, outer space, sky, clouds, fruits, glasses, champagne and wine, fireworks, cities, hearts. Holiday videos: New Year, Valentine’s Day (February 14th), International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Victory Day (May 9th).
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Adding videos, pictures, text


Pictures in JPG and PNG can be put into any part of projection. When adding picture, user chooses which effect (one, several or all of them) should be combined with it. For example, picture of Santa Claus may be added to Snowfall effect solely, while one’s logo may be put into all effects.
Videos in MP4, MPG, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV can be reflected in two modes: 1) full-screen, along with other video effects in the catalogue; 2) in assigned place over chosen effects.
Text also can be put into projection. Font, size, writing and color are editable. In the same way, inscriptions may be combined with appointed effects.


Regular updates


We work on improving the program and adding new functionality.
Besides, animation catalogue is constantly renewed.
Updates are published every two months.
Updates are paid. With the purchase of the program, all updates are free during 1 year. After that period, it is possible to prolong receiving updates for another year by paying 30% of program cost or continue using the program without updates.


Installation and setup of POGUMAX Designer


We provide free tuition and help through Skype.
The program includes User Manual.
No specific knowledge is required.


After downloading the program to a computer via Internet or flash memory card, launch “POGUMAX Designer.exe” in the program folder.
At first, it is necessary to activate the program on your computer. Send activation request code to mail@pogumax.ru. In response, we will send you the activation code.
POGUMAX Designer setup:
1) With mouse, outline the objects on the wall: paintings, furniture, doors, windows, interior features.
2) Add your videos, pictures and text. Adjust the effects at your own option.
3) Start the presentation.
All setup process takes 5-10 minutes on average. The settings can be saved into a file.
The program can run in the background, keeping your desktop free. You may work with other programs while POGUMAX Designer is creating beautiful effects on your walls through a projector.


PC (laptop) technical demands


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Components required (usually are installed on default)

– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
– Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012
Using 1 projector, laptop:
CPU Core i3, RAM 2Gb, video adapter NVIDIA GeForce 710M.
Using 2 projectors, PC:

CPU Core i5, RAM 4Gb, video adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT630 (video adapter AMD Radeon R9 for creating panoramic projection).
Using 3 projectors, PC:
CPU Core i5, RAM 4Gb, video adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT740 (video adapter AMD Radeon R9 for creating panoramic projection).


Displaying image through several projectors


There are three possible modes of operation while using several projects.
Duplication. By means of video splitters the image is duplicated to several projectors.
Independent images. Several projectors connect to one computer. Each of them projects an independent image, as if several computers were used. Images can be projected with different settings of areas and content.
Single panoramic projection. Several projectors connect to one computer. A single desktop with panoramic definition (e.g. 3072×768) is created by using special video adapter. POGUMAX Designer launches the image to the wide screen composed of those projectors put together. To simplify the process of combining the image on several projectors, external software may be used.
Cost of POGUMAX Designer depends on amount of projectors used, irrespective of the mode.


POGUMAX Designer prices


$700 — POGUMAX Designer software in unlimited use, installing 1 projector.

$600 — POGUMAX Designer for second and following projectors.

Example. Cost of using the program on 3 projectors:

$700 + ($600 * 2) = $1900.

The program in unlimited use includes 1 year of free updates.

At the expiration of the period, it is possible to prolong receiving updates for another year for 30% of program cost or continue using the program without updates.












Проекционный дизайн в зале ресторана

Проекционный дизайн в зале ресторана


Download POGUMAX Designer


Contact us via email – mail@pogumax.ru to get instructions for downloading and installing POGUMAX Designer