Privacy Policy



The Site: or
The User: an individual who is using the Site, its goods and services

Provision of information by the User

By filling an application or making an order, the User consents to the processing of his/her personal data (partially or completely), such as name, E-mail address, telephone number, city and message.
These personal data are required to process the order and to fulfill the Site’s legal obligations. The User also consents to get an E-mail distribution from the Site. While processing personal data, the Site is guided by Federal Law “On Personal Data Protection”, Federal Law “On Advertising”, and local legislative instruments.

Use of information provided by the User and received by the Site

Personal data are collected by the Site in order to:
– process the User’s orders and applications, and fulfill the Site’s commitments to the User;
– conduct activities for the promotion of goods and services;
– analyze the User’s customer features and give personal recommendations;
– inform the User on special offers and discounts via E-mailing or other means.

Provision and transmission of information received by the Site

The Site will not disclose personal data to any third parties without the User’s consent except for the cases below.
Personal data may be disclosed to agents or other third parties acting by contract with the Site in order to fulfill commitments to the User, only within the framework of the contract.
Personal Data may be disclosed in accordance to reasonable and applicable requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The Site is entitled to use “cookies”. “Cookies” do not contain any personal data and are not transmitted to third parties.
The Site traces the User’s IP address and gets information of URL which led the User to the Site. These data are not being used to identify the User’s personality.
The Site is not responsible for data which is provided by the User in publicly available way.
The Site takes sufficient technical and organizational measures to guarantee reliable protection of the User’s personal data from unauthorized use or any other unlawful acts towards personal data.