Cooperation with POGUMAX

Projection interior design is a novelty on the market of services carrying a high value for our clients.
We believe this is the future, and we do our best to make it broadly available and widely used.

Options For Cooperation
1) Representation
Investment: $1500 or more
2) Percentage collaboration
No investment
We invite you to join us in turning dreams into reality, making people happy, and changing the world.

– You purchase our software for 3 projectors for $1500 with $400 discount (retail price is $1900).
– You keep one program for creating demonstrations and leasing. The other two can be sold to clients.
– You need to have a projector and a laptop to arrange demonstrations for potential clients.
– We place your contacts at our website and send you clients you can work with.
– You get a discount for next purchase of software:
30% for next 3 programs
40% for next 3 programs
50% for all subsequent programs.
– In addition, you can earn on leasing projection interior design, selling and installing equipment.
– We do not offer an exclusive representation in town and do not impose any obligations on selling.

Percentage Collaboration
– This proposition is suitable for design studios, advertising and celebration agencies, projection or lighting equipment companies, and others.
– You do not need to have any software or equipment.
– You advertise our software and earn 20% by selling it to your clients.
– We do not place your contacts at our website or send you potential clients to work with.
– You do not have to arrange any demonstrations.



To learn more about cooperation, contact: