How to set up projection interior design. Installing projector and POGUMAX Designer.


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Projection interior design installation


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Steps of Installing Projection Interior Design:
installing projector, connecting it to computer,
installing and adjusting POGUMAX Designer.

Assembling and connecting the projector


We will help you find the rigger specialist in your city.
Your engineer also may install the projector.

There are several possible placements of projector: on a table, a cupboard, a tripod, a wall, or on the ceiling. For permanently operating projection, the best option is special bracket fastened to the ceiling or the wall.
Brackets usually consist of 2-3 parts:
– Ceiling fastening (placed on the ceiling or the wall).
– Pole (optionally). Regulates the distance between the device and the ceiling. Projector is recommended to set at the highest part of an image. Therefore, to create a ceiling projection, pole bracket is not required.
– Platform, where projector is placed. Generally, it is being fitted for projector slots by regulating the stems.
Installation guide usually comes with the bracket.
Installation guide usually comes with the bracket.
In brief, you will need to drill 4 holes in the ceiling and fix metal dowels in each one. Then, set the fastening to the ceiling according to dowels’ position and fasten the dowels with washers and bolts. Fix the projector on a platform by regulating the stems and tightening the bolts. Now, use special knobs on the platform in order to connect your projector to the ceiling fastening (pole).
Image correction. Many brackets allow inclining and turning the platform in order to regulate the image on the wall. Also, projectors support correction of vertical trapezoid distortions up to 30°. This means, if the image is being projected upward or downward angularly, it can be aligned. Certain projectors support horizontal trapezium correction.
Projector is connected to PC/laptop just as an ordinary screen. VGA and HDMI cables are used to transmit the image. For wireless video transmittion, it is possible to use Wi-Fi adapters for projectors.
To hide the cables and cords, using an electrical conduit is possible. Or, if you premeditated projector installation, the cables can be easily hidden under the stretched, suspended, modular or gypsum ceiling. If cables cannot be laid, it is suggested to use special Wi-Fi adapters for projectors which can transmit streaming video of the right quality.
Learn more about choosing and connecting projector, projection size, lightning

Installation and setup of POGUMAX Designer


We provide free tuition and help through Skype.
The program includes User Manual.
No specific knowledge is required.

After downloading the program to a computer via Internet or flash memory card, launch “POGUMAX Designer.exe” in the program folder.
At first, it is necessary to activate the program on your computer. Send activation request code to In response, we will send you the activation code.
POGUMAX Designer setup:
1) With mouse, outline the objects on the wall: paintings, furniture, doors, windows, interior features.
2) Add your videos, pictures and text. Adjust the effects at your own option.
3) Start the presentation.
All setup process takes 5-10 minutes on average. The settings can be saved into a file.
The program can run in the background, keeping your desktop free. You may work with other programs while POGUMAX Designer is creating beautiful effects on your walls through a projector.

Настройка программы POGUMAX Designer

Настройка программы POGUMAX Designer 2

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