645 animations in POGUMAX Designer Software


The whole set is included in the price.
The catalogue is regularly renewed.
Vast collection for celebrations, for beauty and relax, for parties.


Digital video effects


Most animations are in FullHD (1920×1080) or HD (1280х720).
Video length: 10-60 seconds.
Many of them can be seamlessly looped: you may project the same video for 5 minutes running without visible end or beginning.
Abstractions, visualizations, equalizers, VJ-effects, effects based on particle system. Nature, landscapes, seaside, mountains, forests, canyons, animals, underwater world, flowers, snow, fire, water, ice, space, sky, clouds, fruits, glasses, fireworks, cities, hearts. Holiday videos: New Year, Valentine’s Day (February 14th), International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Victory Day (May 9th). And hundreds of others

Animation screnshots — full list


Here are presented screenshots of POGUMAX Designer video effects. Besides videos included, the program allows using any other videos.
POGUMAX Designer darkens the edges of a video in order to soften the bounds: it makes projections seem more natural and fit in with interior. This function can be disabled.

If you specialize in computer graphic design/animation, or have beautiful and interesting video content,
we invite you to cooperate with us.