2016 Trend For Cafes
Projection Interior Design


Amazes your clients.
Advertises your business.
Adorns your premises.
Increases your income.

Amazes Your Clients
It’s pretty rare seeing such beauty; therefore many people want to visit such unusual place.
The WOW effect also works: surprised and amazed clients take photos and tell their friends about your establishment.

Advertises Your Business
Advertise menu items, event announcements, and special offers.
Projection interior design is an effective advertising area. A beautiful projection draws the attention of both children and adults.

Adorns Your Premises
Flowers growing and butterflies flying on your walls! Then, wonderful natural sceneries appear: mountains, seascape, beach. After that, the wall will turn to an aquarium with lovely little fishes.
Huge animation gallery — 645 items

Increases Your Income
Offer the service to people celebrating their wedding or birthday
Decorate their party with theme animations set. You can also easily put greetings, photos and videos into projection.
People are willing to pay for this feature.

– customary video projector
– computer
POGUMAX Designer Software
Price of POGUMAX Designer: $700. More about prices
Delivery. To any point of the world in 24 hours. More about delivery
User-friendly. Simple process of installation. More about installation

Необычная идея дизайна интерьера кафе

Необычная идея дизайна интерьера бара