Projection Interior Design:
projecting the image on a wall


Get our exclusive projection interior design software — POGUMAX Designer only for $700.
Required equipment: customary video projector, PC/laptop.

About Projection Interior Design



Projection interior design is the way of decorating premises’ interior with video effects. Instead of ordinary walls it may represent any image from flying butterflies to falling snow, ocean aquarium or even outer space. It is also called “interior 3D-mapping”.

We elaborated POGUMAX Designer software for creating decorative interior projections. The program is installed to a computer which is linked up with one or several projectors placed under the ceiling or on the wall opposite to desired projection.

The software provides handy tuning of projection-interior interaction. User can easily define the elements which should be excluded from projection area: furniture, windows, doors, pictures, etc.

It is possible to make living pictures (modular projection) when the image is reflected only within the appointed area. For this, frames with white sheets of paper are usually used.

Photos, videos, and texts can be put into projection. With this, it is possible to advertise a trademark, a restaurant/cafe/bar menu, or a nightclub bill. It can also be used in wedding, birthday, or Christmas party decorations. Digital video effects package includes theme animations for New Year, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Victory Day.

Cost saving. POGUMAX Designer allows fast creating of decorative projection at any premises. Therefore it costs a lot less than development of individual 3D-mapping project. Price list

The software is very user-friendly. No specific skills are required. If necessary, we provide training (in person or through Skype) and help with any difficulties encountered in usage. Installation details


Maxim Pogulyaev